Wednesday, 30 April 2014


My hubby professionally made Boston Cream Pie with his work. I have never liked the cream on the inside for some reason when we purchased donuts so I would never give his pie a chance. For me, it tasted cold, bland and sort of a baby food consistency that might or might not have been bad. With it being cold and bland, the texture plus flavor never gelled for me. I pun. Instead, my darling hubby decided to fake it all. Instead of making everything from scratch and using all the ingredients that would normally go into the pie he made me a fake one.
He took a regular vanilla cake mix and baked it as per the instructions. He also took a box of vanilla pudding and mixed that together as called for on the box. While the cake cooled and was sliced in half, Shaun made the ganache which was simply chocolate chips and cold milk melted together in a boiler on the stove.
Once the pudding had firmed he placed it in between the layers of the vanilla cake. Simple. He put the cake back together and poured the chocolate ganache over the cake. Oh dear. I loved it. While it is not a true Boston Cream, it is definitely on the menu at our home now.
Do you fake a Boston Cream like we do? Do you do something different?