Wednesday, 30 April 2014


I used 1 loaf of frozen dough.
Remove from the freezer.
Spray your dish with pam or butter it so that the dough does not stick.
Allow it to thaw.
Cut into pieces, form into round balls and flatten a little.
Lay them on a greased cooking sheet.
Allow to rise again.
Heat your oil.
Drop your donuts into the oil.
Turn over so both sides brown the same amount.
Remove from hot oil and allow to drain.
Put the donuts into the freezer.
I put them in the freezer to cool them quicker.
Put your whippy cream into a frosting bag.
Remove your donuts from the freezer.
Push the tip of the frosting bag into the donut and squeeze.
Once all the donuts have the cream inside you will need to melt the chocolate.
I used about half a cup of chocolate chips in a sauce pan over low heat.
Stir your chocolate chips until they begin to melt and remove from heat.
Dip your donuts into the chocolate.
Lay your finished donuts on a nice plate to cool.
Serve to your family who thinks you are quite brilliant.
I used left over Whippy Cream for the inside. Here is the recipe from the other day.
Whippy Cream
500ml whipping cream
5 tablespoons vanilla
2 cups of icing sugar
Beat all the ingredients together for about 5 minutes.