Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Beans & Rice from Big Daz


1 1/2 cups long grain rice
1 can red kidney beans
1/2 teaspoon thyme
2 cloves garlic
3 green onions chopped
1 can coconut milk
1 1/2 cups chicken stock
chili to taste
salt and pepper to taste

In a saucepan, heat oil over medium heat; add garlic, thyme, chili, salt and pepper. Sauté a few minutes add rice stirring to coat the rice in the oil.

mix coconut milk and chicken stock together add to rice, then bring to a boil.

Cover; reduce heat to low; simmer for 20 minutes stirring occasionally. Remove from heat Stir through kidney beans and green onions keep covered for 10 additional minutes to allow the steam to finish cooking the rice. 

Serve hot.

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