Tuesday, 29 April 2014


I made these cake balls last fall for the Burin SPCA Fall Fair and they were a hit. They are so simple to make but certainly not cost effective. A cake mix can make up to 100 cake balls or so. You’ll only need 1 can of icing. From that can you’ll need 2-3 heaping spoonfuls of icing. Once the cake has been baked as you normally would, you will need to allow it to cool for about 15 minutes. Grab a knife or spoon and start breaking the cake up in the pan. Smoosh it like it is no ones business. Go for it. Take our your aggression on that cake. Once you have the whole cake crumbled you can plop in your icing. Mix it up with your spoon.

I roll them into balls and place on a cookie sheet. I pop them into the freezer so they are easier to work with. I usually leave them around 20-30 minutes however if you wanted to make them ahead of time and freeze to decorate later, go for it.

You will need to melt chocolate chips. You can use a double boiler method but I’m much too lazy and prefer to use one dipper and turn it on low. The chocolate chips only need to warm and once they do and you continue stirring, the chocolate melts and turns very soft and shiny. Take it away from the heat and continue to stir. This is the perfect time to start dipping your balls. tehe..
I usually get a popsical stick to pick up the cake balls and another one to push the ball off the stick and onto my cookie sheet that I lined with wax paper.
I pop them back into the freezer once I have them all dipped. When everything is hard, I lay them all on fancy plates for the sale. I didn’t use sticks like the normal cake balls you see. I wanted sort of a truffle. This worked perfect.
Our shelter had a cake walk. We set all kinds of cookies out on a table and people bought a tray to fill up for a certain price. YUM!