Wednesday, 30 April 2014


My brother requested a chocolate ice cream cake for his birthday and this is what I came up with. Was it delicious? Why yes, yes, it was.
Bake your chocolate cake as you normally do.
Cool the cake once it is cooked and use a string to separate the cake into two pieces.
I only had one cake pan at the time.
You can also cut the cake into two pieces with a knife.
I have skill. I should have been a surgeon.
Or an astronaut.
Lay your cake layer on the plate.
Cover the layer with chocolate ice cream.
Cover the ice cream with crushed FudgeeO’s
Cover the cookies with chocolate sauce.
Cover the sauce with the 2nd cake layer.
Cover the 2nd layer with chocolate ice cream.
Another layer of crushed cookies is next.
Add more chocolate sauce.
Add more cookies.
Pile the cookies high.
Add more chocolate sauce.
Allow it to melt just a little.
Put the cake into the freezer.
Serve when ready.
Wish your brother Happy Birthday.
Smear cake on his face.